The Language of Leadership Group Coaching Academy

This is your chance to Practice Leadership Like a Professional! No more 'winging' it in those critical leadership situations. Come Practice with us!

Live Practice Sessions

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Erik Berglund

Session Days/Times

Wednesdays @8am PST

Thursdays @noon PST





About the Academy

The Academy is like a Gym Membership for Leadership. You come in, get in your workout, and get back to business a little bit more fit for the task. You'll show up, I'll do some brief skill sharing, and then you'll Practice the skill with other leaders in role plays and conversations. 

Skill Development

Leadership is a Skill. You'll develop real skill in every session by practicing and getting live feedback. It's like a Driving range for Leadership. The more you practice, the better you get.

Support Docs

Every Skill has a One Sheet (think of it like a 'script') that you can have with you in all of your important leadership interactions. You'll never be unprepared for the challenges that come your way.


Ever leader struggles with these challenges. The other leaders in the academy will interact with you, and me, on Slack and in Facebook in order to share our wins, struggles, and real life examples that become our role plays. 

Leadership and Accountability Group Coaching Topics

Erik Berglund, Founder

I help leaders develop the habit of using the Language of Leadership. With this habit, leaders get out of the Chief Problem Solver role and build effective teams, earning back their time and empowering the development of their people. I spent a decade leading teams and struggling to answer the question - "How do you hold people accountable?". Once I learned the answer, my team performed better, I got my time back, and I enjoyed my job more. I have summed up all my experiences and created this course to help you transform as a leader and take control of your time I have created this course to transform underperforming leaders - into successful, confident leaders of tomorrow.