Leadership and accountability coaching

We’re excited to help overwhelmed and frustrated leaders transform into confident, stress free and successful leaders by helping them get out of their "Chief Problem Solver" role to build effective teams, earn back their time and empower their people.

Who we are

The Language of Leadership is a battle tested, tactical framework that is designed to help burned out, exasperated and underperforming leaders take back their time and sanity. Leadership doesn’t have to be this hard. Building a highly accountable team, and leading them with confidence, is possible when you speak The Language of Leadership fluently.
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Our purpose

We are passionate about transforming the way leaders ‘speak with’ and ‘listen to’ their people - we aim to empower leaders to develop a highly accountable team that’s fully engaged and living up to its potential. Leaders who confidently speak The Language of Leadership work less, earn more, and enjoy their job (and lives) way more!
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Executive leadership and accountability consulting 

Other leadership programs are going to teach you how to be organized, what systems to use, and what mentality to have. That’s all well and good. But What do you say?

That’s what our courses are focused on. What words do you use in order to hold someone accountable and develop their talent into skill? How do you get your time back and achieve greater results? That’s what The Language of Leadership will do for you. 

Quality Learning Solutions

We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help leaders advance in their careers and build strong foundations for their futures

Flexible Options

We provide a range of learning options, from online virtual classes to one on one live coaching calls.

Client Focused

We work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and design learning solutions that meets their unique needs.

Meet Erik Berglund,
CEO and Founder at Language of Leadership

I ran my first company, a residential painting franchise, at 20 and quickly fell in love with the skill of coaching. I was, and still am, fascinated by the way people grow and develop. New skills, mindsets, opportunities - it excites me to know that true transformation is sometimes just one good question (with a sprinkle of courage and honesty) away.

I ran that company, and lead my people, fairly well, but it wasn't until I was 29 that I had another leadership opportunity. I took over a team that was too big, with senior team members, with people who used to be my peers, and I found out that my coaching skills were insufficient.

I was fortunate enough to convince my company to hire me a 'coaching coach', and over the years was able to turn around my leadership and my team.
Along the way I discovered my true passion for Leadership, and I began to ask myself (and a lot of others!) hard questions.

These hard questions, and their answers, have now become a course that I'm very pleased to share with you.
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