Learn the Language of Leadership and Accountability

The Language of Leadership helps you unleash your leadership potential by changing the way you speak and the way you listen to your people, getting more engagement and buy-in, and transforming you from ‘frazzled’ to ‘focused’.
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Brands Thriving with Our Leadership and Accountability Training

Our Corporate Leadership Training Programs Help You

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Regain Your Time

Stop getting off track because you always need to step in to fix your team's problems
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Improve Accountability

Learn to consistently approach accountability in a fresh way that gets results and minimizes awkward conversations
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Develop Your People

Set expectations in a way that empowers your team and develops their talent into skill.

Why Choose Our Team Accountability Training?

Other leadership programs are going to teach you how to be organized, what systems to use, and what mentality to have. That’s all well and good. But What do you say?

That’s what our courses are focused on. What words do you use in order to hold someone accountable and develop their talent into skill? How do you get your time back and achieve greater results? That’s what The Language of Leadership will do for you. 

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We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help leaders advance in their careers and build strong foundations for their futures

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We provide a range of learning options, from online virtual classes to one on one live coaching calls.

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Hi, I'm Erik Berglund.
CEO, Language of Leadership

I help leaders develop the habit of speaking The Language of Leadership. With this habit, leaders get out of the Chief Problem Solver role and build effective teams, earning back their time and empowering the development of their people.

I spent a decade leading teams and struggling to answer the question - "How do you hold people accountable?". Once I learned the answer, my team performed better, I got my time back, and I enjoyed my job more. 
"Leadership is a Language - the words you say, how you say them, and what you listen for in order to move your people towards advantage. When you speak this language fluently, your life gets way easier. "

Erik Berglund

CEO & Founder
Language of Leadership

Our Leadership and Accountability Training is transforming leaders around the world

Applying the Language of Leadership to your culture, language, vernacular, and context is something we experience every day. It’s important to customize the language to really fit your situation and style, and we’ll help you find your authentic voice as a leader. 



Brands and Partners

Clients love our accountability training for leaders!

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I've been able to hold my people much more accountable in a way that strengthens the relationship rather than creating tension

Kris A.

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I used to struggle to hold my team accountable and there was always tension or trust issues. Now they are willing to share more ideas with me and own their own solutions, so I don't have to. There's less tension and way more trust

Julie H.

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The implications of this course on our business were profound and far-reaching. By upgrading how we viewed accountability at a fundamental level using what we learned in The Language of Leadership, we were able to to restructure our leadership team in a way that both reduced Partner-level conflict, as well as increasing margins and EBITDA. Everyone is much more settled in doing what they're good at, the business is running smoother, and I have more confidence in our outlook for the coming years.

Alex B.
Founder, RevenueZen

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I have been participating in the language of leadership program with Eric and through this participation, it has changed the entire way that my organization communicates. We’ve changed the words that we use and the language that we use and we’ve become more efficient and more effective and more productive because of it. The great thing is this investment has not only been beneficial to me and my development, but also for my organization and the one thing that’s done for me is it’s allowed me to buy back my time. So I’m spending less time in follow up in those menial tasks and spending more time on strategic thinking and strategic direction. And overall, we have a better team that’s stronger, more cohesive and more accountable to one another. So it’s been an incredible experience and a great investment. And I would encourage everybody to participate in a language of leadership with Eric. 

CEO, Northern Nevada