Discover How The Pro's Develop Their Team Through proper Accountability*

*No Awkward Nagging involved, just a transformative process that gets results

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Regain Your Time

Stop getting off track because you always need to step in to fix your team's problems

Improve Accountability

Learn to approach accountability in a fresh way that gets results and minimizes awkward conversations

Develop Your People

See how to set expectations in a way that empowers your team and develops their talent into skill.

Go from "I'll just do it myself" to
"my team barely needs me anymore."

My name is Erik Berglund and I spent nearly a decade as a Sales Leader for a multi-national company. Over time, I began to resent my role as it was no longer about sales and more about babysitting my sales team.

"Why can't they just follow through on their commitments?"

"How do I stop all these lame excuses?"

"When they drop the ball, how do I talk to them in a way that doesn't suck for both of us?"

"How do I get off this hamster wheel of losing time and headspace working their jobs as well as mine?"

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and so I began developing a framework for accountability that isn't filled with mundane check-ins and uncomfortable conversations. 

I created the Language of Leadership through my own struggles, and I'll be sharing exactly how it works at my upcoming webinar!

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Webinar Benefits
What You'll Learn:

 Getting your time back
 Getting your headspace back
 Developing talent into skill
 Turning around under performers
 Better performance!
Stop doing people's jobs for them

"The great thing is this investment has not only been beneficial to me and my development but also for my organization and the one thing that it's done for me is it’s allowed me to buy back my time." 
Derek B. , CEO, Northern Nevada

Get Your Sanity Back Without Sacrificing Your Performance

I would regularly be called into meetings, or asked to prepare things that were the responsibilities of my people.

They weren’t asking for help, they were asking me to DO things for them. To take it off their plate and put it on mine.

It pulled me away from the things I really needed or wanted to work on and it made me feel like I was squandering my time and their talent.

It also eroded relationships and I'd take home resentment and frustration most weeks.

When I learned how to hold people accountable, I learned how to make them do their own jobs, and much to my surprise, they liked it!

They didn’t need me as much, they were empowered and motivated to do it themselves, and our relationship improved.
"Leadership is a Language - the words you say, how you say them, and what you listen for in order to move your people towards advantage. When you speak this language fluently, your life gets way easier. "

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Team's Performance

Step 1

Sign up for my free webinar to see how The Language of Leadership offers a fresh, human approach to accountability.

Step 2

Try out the Academy and Course Risk Free. Join other leaders in a practice session and practice The Language of Leadership.

Step 3

Join our community and start developing you and your teams' skills on an ongoing basis!

What our Clients Say

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I've been able to hold my people much more accountable in a way that strengthens the relationship rather than creating tension.
Kris A.
Co-founder - Flyrise
"The implications of this course on our business were profound and far-reaching. We were able to to restructure our leadership team in a way that both reduced Partner-level conflict, as well as increasing margins and EBITDA. Everyone is much more settled in doing what they're good at, the business is running smoother, and I have more confidence in our outlook for the coming years."
Alex B.
Founder - Revenue Zen
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"I used to struggle to hold my team accountable and there was always tension or trust issues. Now they are willing to share more ideas with me and own their own solutions, so I don't have to. There's less tension and way more trust."
Julie H.

Get Off The Hamster Wheel of Endlessly Tolerating Poor Performance

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